Posted by: Jess | August 5, 2009

Shy Exhibitionist

I’m a exhibitionist, I find it exciting to make out in the open, I enjoy the idea that someone might be looking in while we’re making out.. But I’m shy as well, I like the idea and I hate it at the same time, what if the other person can really see me? Exactly what is going through his mind?

That’s why I love my media room.. The glass wall faces my living room which faces the main road and the block opposite, my living room windows are never close, so if the person at the opposite block wants to, he can always look into my living room and media room as long as the lights are on.

The other night, with the light remote (yea, I’m a gadget junkie, there must be remote for everything) in my hands, I beckon lg to come over to me on the sofa.. The moment he sat down, I pulled him over for a kiss and switched the lights off at the same time. With the lights off, we had more privacy, but as the tv was still on, we can see each other perfectly.. and so does anyone who happens to look in our direction.

The idea that someone might be able to see us was waaay more exciting that CSI-NY ( I still prefer CSI) and all too soon our clothes were off.. lg sat on the sofa and I sat on his lap, kissing and caressing his body.. He loves it when I fondle his nipples..

I could feel his hardness against my butt, all ready to go, but some more fun is to be had before the actual thing, so I slipped down to the floor to give his balls a quick lick.. he almost went nuts.. haha.. and soon I was dragged back up to the sofa and I lowered myself onto his manhood..

No matter how many times we have sex, it still feels so damn good.. size does matter, the fit matters as well..

It’s interesting to have the TV providing the lighting, it’s sorta like mood lights as the colors keep changing.. It’s a good thing House was not on, I would not be able to concentrate no matter how good the sex is, it’s HOUSE!! I never miss a single episode of house :p but it’s going to end next week.. what am I going to do with my Monday nights???


  1. Nice 🙂

  2. If people know where you live ya gonna have a sell out opposite block lol

  3. you’re really advertising for the flats opp urs man :p

    miss lunching with you! 🙂 lunch again soon! think i’m gonna be jobless again. lol.

  4. Steve!!! How come jobless? U dun like your new job? Come back to town area then we can lunch together again!! :p
    u need to keep me updated leh.. and dun tell me u’ve been guai ok..

  5. did u stop writing? was just getting the hang of it……

  6. Keep up the good work on this blog!

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